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A double standard; Argument for firing of two missiles at the Homa aircraft by the Vincennes being intentional

The truth is evident and needs no explanation. They are well aware of the evil that they played. We are wondering if their supporters do care about it!

The Iranian regime needs to answer the families of PS752 victims the same questions asked from the U.S.! How you could not distinguish between a cruise missile and a Boeing 737-800 over Tehran’s airspace!!

The video clip shows Gen. Farzad Esmaeili, former commander of Khatam ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base, making allegations that in the IranAir Flight IR655 incident, the USS Vincennes cruiser launched the missile toward the Airbus by intention. That tragic incident killed all 290 innocent lives on board on July 3, 1988, over the Persian Gulf. Here, we highlight his rationale for claiming intentional downing of that flight, and how it applies to the recent attack of IRGC to International Ukrainian airline passenger aircraft on January 8, 2020.

An Airbus 300A, the IranAir IR655 plane, is approximately 3 times as long as an F14 fighter jet. The Americans claimed that they confused the Airbus with an Iranian F14 fighter. Contrastingly, Boeing 737-800 is 40 meters long and is 5-7 times longer than American Cruise missiles that are only 6 to 8 meters long. Iranian regime disgracefully claims that it confused the UIA Boeing with an American Cruise missile!

The cross-section of a Boeing 737-800 is about 3.7 x 4 meters while the diameter of American Cruise missiles is only 0.5 meters. Accordingly, the difference between radar reflection of Boeing 737 and Cruise missiles is much higher than Airbus 300A and F14 fighter jet. Historically, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb which was once used against ISIS in 2017, is 9 meters long and 1 meter in diameter; again, much smaller than our loved ones’ aircraft and of course, not confusable.

The former commander also said that the Doppler radars of USS Vincennes cruiser was capable of distinguishing the difference between the frequencies that come back from a passenger aircraft and those of an F14 fighter jet. So, how is it acceptable that the radars of the TOR-M1 missile system in 2020, which are equipped with more advanced and newer technology for identifying the targets were unable to distinguish the aircraft from a Cruise missile?

On the other hand, the aircraft that was carrying our loved ones was in ascending status and could not be confused with a descending Cruise missile. We are wondering that the captain’s words kept in the CVR (cockpit voice recorder) will reveal the truth someday; although, you have taken the recorder hostage, and certainly you know what you are hiding.

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