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Billboard design contest for flight PS752

In order to keep the memory of the victims of flight PS752 alive and to convey the families of victims’ message for justice to the world, the Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims (752AFV) invites all interested artists and supporters to participate in a contest to create an artwork!
The winning artwork will be posted on urban billboards in cities of Canada. 
 We, the families of victims, thank you and are grateful for your participation and support in the long and difficult path to justice ahead of us.

Terms and Conditions:

–   Contest is open to all artists worldwide over 18 years of age.
–  All forms of visual art, except video, that can be submitted in a digital format are acceptable.
–   Each participant can submit up to three artworks.
–   The slogan for the artwork is: JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIMS OF FLIGHT PS752
–   The slogan must somehow be incorporated in the artwork in English.
–   Should your artwork be selected, the participant may be required to provide the project file to the organizer (752AFV).
–   The participants must email their created artwork to prior to the deadline. 
– Since the selected artworks will be printed on Canadian urban billboards, artwork must be suitable for public presentation.  

Technical Specifications:

–   The size should be 10*20 feet (3*6 meter), in landscape. The format is JPG, resolution is 72 dpi and RGB.
–   Artworks’ filenames should be the artist’s first and last name in English (for example: firstname_lastname.jpg).


–   All participants must send their personal information along with their artwork. The information includes participant’s Full Name, valid Email address, phone number, address and postal code.
–   By participating in this contest, all participants agree to all Terms, Conditions, Copyright rules and regulations mentioned in this article.
–   The organizer (752AFV) reserves the right to use the submitted artworks entirely within its own discretion. 
–   Should any of the submitted artwork be found to be a copy or violating copyright rules, it will be eliminated from the contest.
–   Participation in this contest is free of charge.
 –   The participants will be solely responsible for any or all copyright claims against their submitted artworks and the 752AFV does not accept any liability in this matter. 
 –   If any unforeseen circumstances should arise, the organizer will reserve the right to respond.
 –   The identity of all participants will be protected by the organizer, 752AFV. The winner can authorize the organizer to release their name.
The submission deadline is June 15, 2021.

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