Share your thoughts about the downing of flight PS752

Record your message and we will use it amongst the families’ messages in a video mix that we are creating for the 2nd Anniversary of the downing of flight PS752. Our voice is louder if we are together…

Please read the instructions below carefully:

  1. After checking the consent below, choose between Video/Audio to start (you will be redirected to the associated page)
  2. Subject: share your thoughts about the downing of flight PS752. Your message can begin with “Two years later….”
  3. Speak distinctly and make sure there’s no background noise or music
  4. If you record a video using your phone, make sure to do it in the landscape mode. (16×9 aspect ratio)
  5. In case you get asked for camera or microphone permission, please allow access to the right devices
  6. Next, push the record button when you are ready. You can record up to 20 seconds
  7. If you use your PC to record, you can preview your recording by pressing the Play button and if needed, record again by pressing the Record button again.
  8. Select “I’m not a robot”, then push Submit to send your Video/Audio

We sincerely appreciate your support through this difficult journey.

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